Traditional vs Candid wedding photography. What’s the difference?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Pictures speak a thousand words, this phrase might not be true in our day-to-day lives, but when it comes to weddings – everyone swears by this phrase. After the wedding, these pictures help you remember the special day forever as the moments captured during the whole process are all exceptional moments. Hence, when it comes to wedding photography, you need to be clear about what you want. Since wedding photography is just not about pictures, it is about your emotions, which are captured by the photographer.

When it comes to wedding photography, people usually choose between candid and traditional photography. You can also have an amalgamation of both or can choose between the two. But before making a reasonable decision, you need to understand how traditional and candid photography is different from each other.

What is Candid Photography? In candid photography, every picture shot is real, and the poses are not predefined. Candid wedding photography involves taking pictures of people instinctively when the person is not aware that the picture is going to be clicked. The photographer keeps on capturing scenes without altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo. They capture the true essence and emotions of the functions.

What is traditional photography?

Traditional photography is the most common type of photography. It is something that we all have witnessed over the years. It is a process where the photographer approaches you at the wedding, gives you some directions and instructions that you enjoy to get the best click.

Difference between traditional and candid photography:

When it comes to equipment, in traditional photography, the tripod, the lighting, the camera, and lenses are slightly different than those used in candid photography. The lenses differ in both cases, and so does the lighting. In candid photography, the photographer uses a handheld stabilizer since the shots are taken on the go, and are not planned like traditional photography. Hence the candid photography equipment is slightly high-end.

Prices: Candid photographers are expensive in comparison to traditional photographers. It is so because candid photography is the more “high-end type” of photography with fanciful lights, shallow depth of field, saturated colors, and expensive equipment. The post-processing of the images is also different, and the captured photos display emotions in their purest form and reality. Picture Quality:

Traditional photographers focus on posed portraits with set poses, and their pictures are super sharp, saturated, and exposed, hence they somehow miss out on displaying the true essence of the pictures. Whereas, when it comes to candid photographers, they focus on moments, framing, lighting and add their aesthetic value to it. Hence, their pictures have a correct color balance, look real, and depict all the imminent emotions. Also, a candid photographer showcases the photo in the same way how 1000 people saw it. Hence, the quality of candid photographs is better than that of traditional photographs.

When to choose which one:

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding functions, anniversary parties, festive occasions, and other grand functions, then the candid photographer should be your pick. But if you are looking for a photographer for functions like birthday parties- then the traditional photographer is good enough.

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